• Cap 2 special effects team: we've worked for months to make the soldier's cybernetic arm look as realistic and incredible as possible. hopefully everyone will appreciate the artistry that's gone into this elegant metal work and hopefully we've paid proper homage to the comics. it's just the right amount of graceful and completely terrifying and it's going to truly look great in the movie
  • Cap 2 fans: I want to fuck the arm


spn graphics challenge: round one

         ↳ then and now


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I can kinda hear the blast in my head when they collide.

Sound doesn’t travel in space. You wouldn’t hear a thing.

then how the fuck do you explain all the sounds in star wars checkmate motherfucker

Pew pew


when you tell a joke in front of a huge group of people and they all laugh



I wonder if bucky is ever just going about his day and minding his own business when suddenly

he feels it

steve did something stupid again


Queer Sam Week: Day 6; AU

Sastiel bookstore AU

Panromantic & asexual!Sam has a huge crush on the owner of his favorite bookstore, Castiel. However, besides his shy nature, he’s also afraid of asking his crush out on date because his last dates didn’t go well after he’d be honest about his sexuality. It takes a long time, but by the time he managed to stutter out the asking, Castiel was already smitten with the tall, blushing, handsome regular custumer with those irresistible dimples.

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it’s almost halloween!!! this is a spooby spooky playlist for all the wicked witches, vampires, werewolves, skeletons, crazy professors, headless, ghouls, ghosts and ghost hunters and for everyone who enjoys halloween. BEWARE! don’t expect ‘halloween classics’ on here (except for the 9th track song duh) anyway i hope you’ll enjoy this!!



when the test question says “describe what’s happening in the picture” but the picture be like